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Nominations for the 2024 open seats on the board begin on Friday, November 10, 2023 and must be received at our division office by 11:59 p.m. EST, on Sunday, December 10, 2023.

 Nomination Requirements:

A Member who is eligible to vote under Article II of the Bylaws of the ASEA (a “Voting Member”) (a “Nominator”) may nominate a member eligible to be a Director under Article VIII Section 3 of these Bylaws (a “Candidate”). For absence of doubt, a Nominator may nominate themselves to be a Director. A Candidate for Alpine Director that is a resident in one Section with a snowsports affiliation in a different Section Director may select to run in either Section. Provided, however, that once the selection is made, the Candidate’s selection shall remain in effect until the next occurring election in the Candidate’s selected Section.

Article VIII Section 3. – Eligibility for Election

A member meeting the following criteria may be elected as a Director of this Corporation. Such a member must be:

  • (i) eligible to serve as a Director under Article III; and
  • (ii) a Certified Member for at least three (3) years; and
  • (iii) eighteen (18) years of age; and
  • (iv) a resident or affiliated to the snowsports industry within a Section; and
  • (v) a resident of the United States; and
  • (vi) a member in good standing.

2024 Open Seats:

The 2024 open seats being filled this election cycle are listed below. Your participation and vote are very important! Please consider becoming a member of the leadership team.

Current open positions are for 3-year terms per Article VIII Section 2. – Composition. This is the result of decreasing the number of Directors on the Board from its composition of 16 to 9 and needing to stagger the election of Directors.

Alpine Section 1 – (1 seat, 3 years)

  • Alpine Section 1 – (1 seat, 3 year) representing members in the Minnesota, Bottineau Ski Area in North Dakota, and Great Bear Recreation Area in South Dakota
  • Alpine Section 2 – (1 seat, 3 year) representing members in Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan West of Hwy 77
  • Adaptive Representative – (1 seat, 3 years) representing all Sections

LEGAL AND OPERATIONAL DOCUMENTS: By Laws / Policies & Procedures /Minutes – PSIA-AASI-C (

If being on the Board of Directors is not your thing, there are many opportunities to participate
and help shape the future direction of our Region:

  • Volunteer to participate on committees.
  • Introduce new ideas and participate in moving initiatives forward.
  • Share experiences by submitting articles for the Central Line publication.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions to improve the Central Line, PSIA-C website and social media​.
  • Enroll in a Webinar event or plan to take an on-snow event this winter – https://psia-
  • Submit and share photos for use in the Central Line, on the PSIA-C Website and social media.
  • Advertise in the Central Line publication, and on the PSIA-C website and Facebook.

Please take the time to get involved! Everyone’s participation is greatly appreciated!
Central Region Contact Information –

2024 Board Nomination

  • Nominator Information

  • For verification purposes. The election committee verifies that both the nominator is eligible to nominate, and the nominee is eligible for the seat.
    The Nominator must be certified in the discipline associated with the seat for which they are nominating.
  • Nominee Information

  • Please indicate the position for which the nominee is being nominated.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.