Senior’s Event Descriptions

Senior Specialist 1 (SrS1)

What: A two-day (12 CEU) course open to any Level I or higher PSIA AASI Central member. The Senior Specialist program will present instructors with educational training to gain tools and knowledge necessary to deliver high-quality lessons for the senior skier.

How: The Senior Specialist 1 course encourages participants to apply the information included in the PSIA-NW Senior Specialist Manual, their own professional knowledge, as well as an understanding of the fundamentals- both in the completion of the workbook and during the on-snow portion. The Senior Specialist On-Snow portion will add substance to the concepts and content introduced in the workbook. The On-Snow portion will use real-time & hypothetical scenarios to apply standard exercises, modified in both their approach and execution relative to the senior student. Participants will test the principles of senior-specific models, the teaching cycle, theoretical and applied professional knowledge to these scenarios. The practical portion will address how presentation framing & phrasing differs by student; seniors are no exception.

*See the Senior’s Education & Certification Page for more information on the prerequisites and pathway for the SrS1.

Cross Country Senior Specialist 1 

The XC Senior Specialist Program closely mirrors the PSIA-NW Senior Specialist Program developed for the Alpine disciplines. PSIA’C’s XC Senior Specialist has been adapted to reflect the characteristics of xc skiing and to meet the needs of PSIA-C XC Instructors.

What: The XC Senior Specialist Program offers xc Instructors of all ages and certification levels the training needed to enhance seniors’ lessons and to reach the ever-expanding senior market in Central Division. A two-day(12 CEU) course available to any Cross Country Level I or higher PSIA member.

How: The XC SS1 course is offered to Level I, II and III Certified Instructors. The two-day clinic is a group project-based course offering incentives toward high levels of understanding. The XC SS1 course focuses on beginner and novice skiers using classic technique.

Download all of the course materials below.

Course Materials

These materials include a Workbook that is to be returned at least one week prior to the clinic.

Complete Workbooks can be sent to by email to doak.wes.xc@gmail.com

Cancellation Policy

It’s rare that we cancel an entire event unless the resort/area is closed, but we often find it necessary to cancel or combine sessions at an event because the session minimum has not been met. When this happens, we will contact you as early as possible and offer other session options at the same event or transfer you to another event. Cancellation and transfer fees do not apply under these circumstances. If we cancel a session you are registered for, and it is not possible for you to attend another event by the end of the season, your registration fee sub any administrative fees will be refunded. If you are in need of education credits for this season then all possible pathways must be exhausted before a waiver is granted. (Webinars, Non ASEA Events, etc.) ”

The Cross Country Senior Specialist 1 Workbook must be completed prior to the event.


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