Alpine Education Staff
Alpine Education Staff

Meet your staff member

What drives them?

Your Philosophy as an Education Staff Member:

I want to spread my passion for skiing and teaching with a commitment to excellence and integrity.

Why do you serve on the education staff?

I love sharing information with other instructors, as well as learning from them. I also enjoy honing my skills as a clinician and instructor, as well as continually striviing for excellence my skiing…

E-Staff – Title of Articles you have written for the Central Line, 32 Degrees:

The Central Line: My Experience at the National Academy during PSIA’s 50-50 Event. Instructor to Instructor (Rocky Mountain Division newsletter): Thoughts and Ideas from the National Academy in Snowbird, Utah1985


  • Role:
    Trainer, Technical Director, Instructor
  • Discipline:
  • Home Resort:
    Boyne Highlands
  • Secondary Resort:
    Pine Knob
  • Years Teaching:
    44 in both Central an Rocky Mountain divisions

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