Snowboard Education Staff
Snowboard Education Staff

Meet your staff member

What drives them?

Your Philosophy as an Education Staff Member:

I believe that there are multiple ways to teach new skills, as each rider is different. We have to account for the diverse athletic abilities, learning preferences, and physical limitations of our students. What I hope to achieve is helping others think differently and recognize that there are various ways to convey a message. That message should be catered to each student, distinguishably, which will secure the rider’s greatest chance of success.

Why do you serve on the education staff?

Each time I ride with other members, I learn something new through the transference of stories, experiences, and ideas. I like to surround myself with the best and brightest minds in the room. When I travel to run an exam or clinic, I am subjected to some of the most respected teachers and riders around, which inspires me to level up. I also serve because, incomparably, I have a sense of belonging – thank you, Abraham Maslow.

E-Staff – Title of Articles you have written for the Central Line, 32 Degrees:


  • Role:
    Snowboard and Staff Trainer
  • Discipline:
  • Home Resort:
    Tyrol Basin in Mt Horeb, WI
  • Secondary Resort:
  • Years Teaching:

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