Alpine Education Staff
Alpine Education Staff

Meet your staff member

What drives them?

Your Philosophy as an Education Staff Member:

“To demonstrate versatility in all areas of skiing, teaching and communication as an Education Staff member when serving the Central Division and its members.”

Why do you serve on the education staff?

“I serve as an Education Staff member because I want to give back to an organization that has been so good to me. I was fortunate to have some wonderful mentors during my development as an instructor and those mentors helped to shape who I am today as a skier and ski teacher. Now I want to become a mentor to the next generation and help nurture their development into future Education Staff members.”

E-Staff – Title of Articles you have written for the Central Line, 32 Degrees:

“Rock, Paper, Scissors – Making Ski Teaching Fun!” 2016, issue 3 “Ski Instruction 101: 5 Tips For A Great Beginner Lesson” 2018, issue 4


  • Role:
    Training Director
  • Discipline:
  • Home Resort:
    Boyne Highlands
  • Secondary Resort:
  • Years Teaching:

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