Snowboard and Children’s Education Staff
Snowboard and Children’s Education Staff

Meet your staff member

What drives them?

Your Philosophy as an Education Staff Member:

My goal is to make things as fun as possible, whether it be in a clinic or an exam. Having fun is what brought all of us into this sport in the first place.

Why do you serve on the education staff?

I wanted to push myself harder as an instructor/trainer. Being on staff is a way for me to do that, I have to stay on top of the sport in ways that I may not have been otherwise.

E-Staff – Title of Articles you have written for the Central Line, 32 Degrees:

What’s this Aboot?, 2014 issue 1: Adjusting to Injuries; 2016 issue 1; CS2 Workbook Essay: 2018 issue 3


  • Role:
    Children’s Program Director, Boyne Mountain
  • Discipline:
    Snowboard, Children’s
  • Home Resort:
    Boyne Mountain
  • Secondary Resort:
  • Years Teaching:
    2004-present. (Ed Staff 2014-)

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