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Adaptive Certification

Alpine – Adaptive Certification Standards697.0 KB
Alpine – Adaptive Exam Supplement627.0 KB
Alpine – Bi-Ski_Mono-Ski_Level_1&2_Workbook297.5 KB
Alpine – LEVEL 1 & 2 WORKBOOK 3-TRACK, 4-TRACK & SLIDER 315.7 KB
Snowboard – AASI Adaptive Standards501.1 KB
Snowboard – Adaptive Exam Supplement535.0 KB

Alpine Certification

PSIA-AASI Alpine Level I Certification Prep Course362.0 KB
Alpine Level 1 Workbook and Review2.4 MB
Alpine Level11.1 MB
Alpine Level21.0 MB
Alpine Level31.1 MB
Central Division Endorsement Process -201919.5 KB
Level1 StudyGuide1.1 MB
MODDS 2014120.9 KB
Movement Analysis Expectations82.6 KB
Portfolio-11-12-Suplement-11-22-11449.5 KB
PSIA Alpine Certification National Standards 693.3 KB
PSIA-C Scorecard 2014-15-2435.4 KB


ASW-on-Autism-Spectrum-Disorder280.5 KB
Copy-of-Intricacies Of Autism 32Degrees S101.4 MB
Pictures1.2 MB
Teaching-the-student-with-ASD217.5 KB
Visual-tools198.2 KB
Visual-tools-for-teaching-students-with-ASD180.1 KB
What-is-Autism188.7 KB

Children's Specialist

CS National Standards89.0 KB
CS1 Workbook473.3 KB
CS1-XC Workbook-2018-19544.0 KB
CS2 Workbook752.6 KB
Improving Student Engagement610.2 KB
Playful Teaching3.4 MB
PSIA-AASI-C Child Development Levels1.0 MB

Freestyle Specialist

Central Freestyle Specialist Study Guide174.0 KB
Freestyle Accreditation121.3 KB

General Member Forms

Code-of-Conduct917.4 KB
Educational Event And Exam Application258.8 KB
Effectiveness-Evaluation-Form4.0 KB
Event-and-Exam-Application-Form233.5 KB
Merchandise-Order-Form148.4 KB
New Member Application428.6 KB
New-Instructor-Guide5.3 MB
Non-ASEA Attendance Verification Form98.3 KB
Photo Release Form85.6 KB
Scholarship Application 201945.8 KB
Verification Non-ASEA Event57.0 KB


Board Meeting Minutes 06-25-1959.1 KB
Minutes – December 2, 201544.9 KB
Minutes – May 19, 2018 594.2 KB
Minutes – October 17, 201681.8 KB
Minutes August 18 20182.2 MB

Nordic Certification

Central Cross Country Score Sheet154.7 KB
Central Pathway To Nordic Ed Staff103.5 KB
Central-Telemark-Workbook (OLD)111.1 KB
Nordic Intro Training221.6 KB
PSIA AASI Central – Cross Country Certification Workbook52.5 KB
PSIA Central XC Level 1 Exam Overview55.2 KB
PSIA-Central-Telemark-Level-1-Exam-Overview105.2 KB
PSIA-Central-Telemark-Level-2-Exam-Overview104.7 KB
PSIA-Central-Telemark-Level-3-Exam-Overview104.6 KB
Tele Level 2 Exam Study Guide (7-13-2016)72.7 KB
Tele Level 3 Exam Study Guide (7-13-2016)75.1 KB
Telemark Level 1 Workbook73.9 KB
Telemark-Scoresheet425.8 KB


Getting-My-Happy-Back124.1 KB
TBI-How-to-Be-an-Effective-Team-Member103.8 KB

Policies & Bylaws

Bylaws – Revision October 17, 2016190.8 KB
Bylaws Revision 8-8-2011169.6 KB
Bylaws-Revision August 17 201458.9 KB
Bylaws-Revision August 18 2018227.4 KB
Central Division Bylaws174.6 KB
Motion 2 Membership Categories.5.19.2019283.2 KB
Policies & Procedures390.1 KB
Policies and Procedures – V7169.9 KB

Senior Specialist

Central's Senior Specialist 2 Workbook143.8 KB
Senior ALPINE Fundamentals103.5 KB
Senior Specialist 1 Workbook PDF102.5 KB
Senior Specialist SNOWBOARD Fundamentals111.3 KB
Senior Specific TELEMARK Fundamentals105.8 KB
SrS NW Manual2.7 MB

Snowboard Certification

AASI-C L1 Cert Study Guide 2016487.8 KB
AASI-C L2 Cert Study Guide 2016585.5 KB
AASI-C L3 Cert Study Guide 2016638.1 KB

Snowsports Schools Forms

Discount For Division Member Schools 54.6 KB
Letter To Renew 2018 19 Final348.5 KB
Member School Plaque Order Form 2019337.0 KB

Staff Forms

Payroll Request From100.0 KB
Shadow Report Blank 11-17115.9 KB

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