Central's Senior Specialist 2 Mentor Program - SRS2 Part 1

Dates: Wednesday, February 3, 2021 - Tuesday, March 30, 2021 from 7:00 pm - 11:59 pm ET (56 Days)
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Event Type: Certificate Assessment

Location: PSIA-AASI Central Webinars - Meeting Room 12

Registration Information:
- Cost: $140.00
- CEUs: 6
- Spots Remaining: 29 (as of 33 minutes ago)

Prerequisites: Current PSIA-AASI Membership, Level II Certification or Higher, Senior Specialist 1 Designation

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, March 30, 2021, 11:59 pm ET

Due to COVID concerns, masks are required at all Central events. We will also adhere to any resort rules and local or county mandates.  Click here for more information.

Online Registration: Click here to register.

Offline Registration: Contact the division office.

Course Description:

For the 2020/21 Snowsports Season, PSIA/AASI-Central offers an Alternative Pathway to obtain Senior Specialist 2. This is an entirely virtual pathway where you will work with the Senior Specialist Educational Staff to develop a project related to a specific Senior Profile attribute.  This process is designed to provide further development of general Senior Profile knowledge and an opportunity for each candidate to specialize in an attribute specific to the Senior Profile.


You are developing a fully researched project related to a specific attribute of a client who fits the Senior Profile. The project can be an article, a slide presentation, a video, a workbook, and a "Ted Talk" - any format you are comfortable presenting. Your goal is to be the expert on that topic. Reference materials are a must. Videos of demonstrations and/or clients for movement analysis could help support your research.



 As the Senior Profile relates to changes that we experience as we progress in our years, any topic related to one of those changes is acceptable. Consider topics around the VAK model (Visual/Auditory/Kinesthetic) and/or the CAP model (Cognitive/Physical/Affective). A possible research topic could focus on how Vision changes affect a senior client and adapt to those changes. A research paper would need to detail changes, why changes occur, adjust for changes, identify a client with visual changes, etc. Who/What/Why/When/Where/How.

Your project will be presented to the Senior Specialist Educational Staff and may also be part of future development and training of Senior Specialist instructors.


  • PSIA/AASI Level 2 Certified instructor
  • Senior Specialist 1


  • Register for Senior Specialist 2
  • Register for the Mentor Program Event - Contact the Senior Admin with the contact information included in the event confirmation email.
  • Pick Senior Profile Topic
  • Research and develop material through the season
  • Work with the Senior Specialist Educational Staff to mentor your project.


  • Present Completed project to Senior Specialist Committee for review
  • Participants who register for the Mentorship Program must register for the Senior Specialist 2 Project Review.


  • Mentorship - Work with the Senior Admin
  • Pick your Topic
  • February/March - Project Development
  • Project Presentation Deadline -3/31/21

Additional Event Details:

This is the first portion of Central's Senior Specialist 2 Alternative Format Assessment. This course must be completed and passed along with the Central's Senior Specialist 2 Project Submission Review to obtain the Central Senior Specialist 2 designation.

*Please be sure your Member Profile contains your current contact information as the Senior Discipline Admin will be reaching out directly to set up a meeting time.

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