Medium Radius Turns (Level 2)

Activity Description:

Linked medium radius turns demonstrating strong ski design utilization to leave carved tracks in the shaping phase of the turn. Consistent rhythm and flow from turn to turn reflects a skill blend that manages dynamic energy from turn to turn (no park-n-ride).

Why This Activity Will Be Useful:

Medium Radius Turns are exciting and a great way to begin to ski at faster speeds with control. The skiing public tend to enjoy watching these turns, and in many cases, strive to be able to ski in this manner.

What the Skis Do (EFFECT):

• Skis change edge simultaneously at turn initiation
• Edge angles increase in the shaping phase of the turn, and decrease through the finish phase
• Skis create round turns with carved performance in the shaping phase. Some drifting/skidding of skis may be present in the initiation and finish phases.
• Skis bend similarly into reverse camber.
• Inside ski shows resultant, appropriate tip lead (not active) reflecting a “strong inside half” and the pitch of the hill.
• Skis remain parallel and stance width is consistent
• Turns radius stays consistent through the series of turns

How the Body Moves (CAUSE):

• Continuous tipping/rolling of both feet/ankles promote simultaneous edge change and engagement at turn initiation.
• Flexion/extension movements continuously manage the relationship of the center of mass to the bass of support
• Some inclination occurs in the initiation phase, and is increased in the shaping phase.
• Flexion/extension and upper body angulation direct pressure toward the outside ski.
• Legs rotate in the hip sockets under a stable upper body.
• Pole swing and plant is complimentary

Where: Blue/easy black terrain – Choose a safe low traffic area for this activity.

Learning/Teaching Cues:

• Railroad track activities, including garlands and increasing radius, are excellent training activities to learn the blended dynamic edging movements necessary for the transitions of these turns.
• Practice carved uphill arcs to learn to manage turn shape in a carved arc (vs. park-n-ride)

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