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Membership Categories, CEU Requirements, & Discounts

Join, Renew, or Reinstate

Membership Categories

Registered Instructor

  • The first level of membership in PSIA-AASI Central.

  • Requires completing the New Member Application form and payment of dues.

  • Entitles member to attend education events that are open to all members and Level I Certification Exams. See the Event Calendar of this website for specifics.

  • No continuing education requirements.
  • Non-voting membership class.
  • Provides access to all member benefits that do not require certification.
  • Maintain active status by paying annual dues.

Certified Member

  • Attain at least Level I Certification in Alpine, Snowboard, Cross Country, Telemark or Adaptive disciplines.
  • Must be a registered member of PSIA-AASI Central.
  • Maintain active status and certification:

  • Maintain active status and certifications by paying annual dues and obtain a minimum of 6 CEUs every membership year (July 1 – June 30.)


    Minimum of 6 CEUs are required every membership year (or 12 every other year).

    Any CEU hours greater than 6 obtained in a membership year will be applied towards the CEU requirement for the following membership year only. (i.e. max of 6 CEUs roll forward per year)

    ***CEUs must be maintained in order to retain certifications and active status. See “inactive” and “alumni” below.

    **Medical/Hardship/Student/Military Waiver

  • Voting membership class.
  • Access to member benefits that require certification.

Inactive Member

  • If you are a Certified Member and haven’t maintained your CEU requirements.  

  • You will see a delinquency fee on your membership dues renewal invoice.

  • To return to certified active status, you will need to complete the minimum number of CEU’s based on the number of years you have been delinquent. 

    • 1 year: 12 CEUs
    • 2 years: 18 CEUs
    • 3 years: 24 CEUs
    • 4 years: 24 CEUs
  • Please see the Reinstatement Process page for more information.  You will need to submit a Reinstatement form.

  • If you fail to earn the minimum amount of CEUs at the end of 4 years, you’ll be reassigned to the Alumni Member Category. 


  • A previously Certified Instructor who has stopped teaching on a permanent basis.
  • Terminates certifications*
  • Not required to maintain education credit.
  • Entitled to attend all functions and receive all correspondence and literature.
  • Pay reduced dues of $32.50 to Central and $30.00 to National.

  • Non-voting membership class.
*An Alumnus is eligible to apply for reinstatement of certification(s) and Certified Instructor status.

Lifetime Member

  • Granted at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  • Not required to pay dues.
  • Not required to maintain education credit.
  • Voting membership class.

Active Service Personnel

  • A Registered or Certified Instructor on temporary active duty with the Armed Forces of the United States, the Peace Corps or the Foreign Service.
  • Membership dues and/or education requirements may be waived at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Ski School Membership

  • Check out our Member School information



  • Available to students under the age of 23.
  • Must provide proof of enrollment (class schedule, dated student ID card). All students under the age of 18 who attend high school do not need proof of enrollment.
  • $20 discount on membership dues.
  • $25 discount on Level I Certification Exams.

  • Must contact the office to receive discounts on exams. 

  • A student currently enrolled in high school or college may apply for an education waiver.


  • $10 discount on dues at 65 years of age
  • $20 discount on dues at 75 years of age.
  • Discounts automatically applied based on the date of birth.