Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I join PSIA-AASI?

PSIA-AASI certification is recognized across the USA, and often can mean increased wages, additional benefits, recognition and more fun at your job!

Pro Deals
Registered and Certified members are also entitled to discounts on lift tickets at various ski resorts. PSIA-AASI members have access to the member accessories catalog which features “Pro Deals” on ski gear and accessories, including such names as Atomic, Bollé, Burton, Fischer, K2, Marker, Nordica, Patagonia, Rossignol, Subaru and more!

A subscription to the 32 Degrees magazine published by the National organization, the Central Line Divisional Newsletter, plus access to a wide range of manuals, videos, and other materials to support PSIA-AASI education programs.

Personal and Professional Development: Educational Programs and Conventions
PSIA-AASI Central Division clinics and events are held throughout the region each season. These are invaluable opportunities to improve your skills as a teaching professional.

Promoting the Association and You
PSIA-AASI cooperates with supporting sponsors and organization to promote the value of taking a lesson to the public. We also establish links with other snowsports organizations to strengthen the industry as a whole.

What does Professional Ski Instructors of America – American Association of Snowboard Instructors do?

Our job is to certify and educate Snowsports Instructors. A certification (Level 1, 2 or 3) from our Association tells your employer or potential employer that you have achieved a high level of professionalism in this field. PSIA has a National headquarters in Lakewood, Co, that provides direction and collaboration with the eight separate Divisions (geographic regions) within the USA. PSIA-AASI Central services members who reside in MN, WI, MI, IA, IL, IN, OH, MO, KY, AR, TN, LA, MS, AL, ND, SD.

Once I get certified, what do I need to do to keep my certification? (How many CEUs do I need?)

Once certified, members must renew their membership every season and maintain their educational credits(CEU’s).

Members may choose to either take 6 clinic hours every year or maintain 12 clinic hours every other year.

Similar to other professional associations, you must continue to receive on-going education to remain current in modern teaching concepts and sharpen your skills. If you do not pay your membership dues or maintain your education credits, you will loose your professional benefits. If your membership or educational credits have lapsed, you can complete the membership reinstatement application to become a current member again. The reinstatement form can be found by clicking here.

What are the various membership classes?

There are four classes of membership: Registered, Level 1 Certified, Level 2 Certified and Level 3 Certified, Alumni. You can get all the details about the membership classes here.

I need my membership card (How do I access the member portal/membership record/card? )

Just log in to your member portal! https://www.thesnowpros.org/
Need help? Watch this quick tutorial guide to logging into the member portal to see your education and certification history and get a digital membership card to show as proof of cert level and current membership for your ski school or for discounted lift tickets at member resorts.   https://vimeo.com/474035061

How do I get a replacement pin?
Certified Members may purchase pins through the PSIA AASI National Site. Please contact our Member Service Staff if you have any questions at info@psia-c.org or 303-987-9390.

Membership Renewal

When is the due date for my renewal?

To avoid late fees, you must pay your renewal by June 30th.   For renewal payments mailed to the office, this means that your payment must be received by June 30th, not just mailed by June 30th.
(Note:  There is an option to sign up for quarterly automatic billing, to pay in installments throughout the year.)

If I cannot renew by the due date, how much are the late fees?

If your renewal payment is made between July 1st and July 31st, the late fee is $25.  $20 of that amount goes to the PSIA-AASI national organization and $5 to the Central Division.

If your renewal payment is made on or after August 1st, the late fee increases to $30.  $20 of that amount goes to the PSIA-AASI national organization and $10 to the Central Division.

Why did my dues increase?

PSIA-AASI membership is made up of two components – membership in the PSIA-AASI national organization and membership in PSIA-AASI Central Division.  While you make only a single payment, that payment is allocated between the two organizations.

Each organization acts independently in setting its dues rate based on its strategic plan and budget. For more information regarding the current dues rate increase, please get in touch with the office at info@psia-c.org.

Does every Central member pay the same amount in dues?

Registered and certified members start with the same amount, but there are some discounts that may apply — check the Categories of Membership page for details.

Education Foundation Donations

What is a tribute gift, and what is the difference between an honor gift and a memorial gift?

A tribute gift is a gift made in recognition of a person or an event. At ASEA-CEF we use the term tribute gift to refer to both honor and memorial gifts. Memorial gifts are made in remembrance of someone who has passed away. All other types of tribute gifts, such as gifts made in celebration of special events or as expressions of gratitude for PSIA-AASI Central members, are referred to as honor gifts.

In the Central Line magazine, Tributes will be listed “in honor of” or “in memory of”, the person or event, and the name of the donor. Anonymous donors shall be so noted.

Whom should Education Foundation donation checks be made out to?

Checks must be made payable to “ASEA – Central Education Foundation” and sent to PSIA-AASI Central, PO Box 456, Highland, MI 48357. If you are making a Tribute donation, please send a completed tribute-giving form along with your check. You can also make a donation using our on-line donation form.

Can I collect gifts from others and then send one large gift to ASEA-CEF? (NOT RECOMMENDED)

If you send one combined gift, ASEA-CEF will legally be able to provide only one tax receipt to just one legal donor. By asking others to give directly to ASEA-CEF, we will provide all donors with charitable giving receipts for their tax purposes. We will notify you when gifts are made.

How will I know if someone has made a gift in memory of my loved one or in honor of my fundraising, personal or event efforts?

You can ask to be notified. On request, ASEA-CEF will send a notification letter by your preferred method (postal mail or email).

What information will notification letters provide?

Notification letters will provide the names and addresses (if available) of all individuals who make tribute gifts. To protect the privacy of our donors, we do not provide individual gift amounts. Upon request we will provide the total amount given by all donors.

Why should I make a tribute gift or ask others to support ASEA-CEF?

Philanthropic gifts support ASEA-CEF’s research, education, scholarship, and community program efforts. When you give, you are helping to develop innovative programs and deliver high-quality instruction to instructors in the PSIA-AASI Central Division and across the Midwest. You are also contributing to making instruction affordable and available to all members and program participants.

I want others to make tribute gifts to ASEA-CEF. What information should I provide to the Office at PSIA-AASI Central Division??

To ensure that gifts are processed quickly and allocated appropriately and that timely gift receipts, acknowledgments and notifications can be sent, you should provide the following basic information to the PSIA-AASI Central Division office:

  • Notification Recipient — Who should be notified when gifts are made?
  • Tribute Name — In whose honor or memory are gifts being made?
  • Gift Allocation — All gifts are to the General Fund.
  • You can also request printed donation forms for easy giving.
Can I specify where my donation is going to go?

At this time, all Tribute and general donations go to the ASEA-CEF General Fund.

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