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Membership Forms

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Liability and Photographic Release Form

Minors must have their parent or legal guardian complete this form and bring a copy to the event.

Waiver Request Form

If you are unable to fulfill your education requirements for the current season, you may be eligible for a waiver. Please complete this on-line Waiver Request Form. If there is a medical reason for your inability to complete education requirements please attach a signed letter from your physician to the appropriate form.
Education Requirement Information


If your membership has expired, please read the Reinstatement Policy then complete the Reinstatement Application.

Non-ASEA Education Credit Request

Education credit for attending a Non-PSIA-AASI education event is available for current certified
Level I, II, and III members once every four seasons.

A member should submit a Non-PSIA-AASI Education Event Credit Request form to the PSIA-AASI Central Division office at least 30 days before the event to obtain advance approval to participate in the event for PSIA-AASI Central education credit. Printed material (e.g. flyer, brochure, etc.) provided by the educational organization that describes the program and gives information concerning the dates the program is offered, program fees, etc., must also be provided.

After participating in the education event, the member must return a completed Non-PSIA-AASI Education Event Attendance Verification form signed by an official of the sponsoring organization in order to receive PSIA-AASI Central education credit for the current season and or the following season. (pg. 14-15 of the Policies and Procedures)

Non-ASEA Credit Pricing

1 CEUs – $20

6 CEUs – $72

12 CEUs – $144

Get Started:Form:
Step 1:
This form must be submitted at least 30 days before the start of your event.
Complete the Non-ASEA Education Credit Request
Step 2:
Been approved? Take this form to your event to be filled out by the event leader. (You will need to submit this form along with your payment in the Non-ASEA Education Credit Payment Form)
Download Non-ASEA Education Event Attendance Verification Form
Step 3:
Post-event Payment
Complete the Non-ASEA Education Credit Payment Form