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Membership Renewal

Preserve and Maintain Your Certifications

The membership year runs from July 1st through June 30th.  To avoid late fees, your dues payment must be received by June 30th each year.  We know that, here in Central Division, by June 30th your skis and boards have likely been put away and your attention has turned to summer sports, time on the lake, cook outs and bug spray.  So mark your calendar to renew as early as possible.  Generally, online renewal is open in April and paper renewal notices are mailed in May.

We strongly encourage you to renew online.  There’s no worrying about whether the USPS will deliver your check by the deadline and you receive immediate confirmation of your renewal.

*Timely renewal saves you money, protects your certification(s), provides continuous member benefits, and keeps you eligible for anniversary pins.

If you have let your membership lapse/are delinquent in your dues you will need to complete a Reinstatement Form


Reinstate Expired Membership and Certification

Nationwide Reinstatement Policy

The Reinstatement Policy lets former members rejoin and recover their certification. The
process can occur at any time during the year. The reinstatement process is for you if you are a
previous member who wants to rejoin as a Certified Member or if you are an Alumni Member who
want to switch to a Certified Member.

• The reinstatement process is the same for all disciplines.
• If you who want to rejoin PSIA-AASI and do not want to pursue or maintain your
certification you can do so as an Alumni Member (if you meet the qualifications) or as a
Registered Member and bypass the reinstatement process.
• If you are an Alumni Member and want to change your membership status to Certified
Member, you must follow the reinstatement process and pay 50 percent of the reinstatement
fee due.


1-Year Membership Lapse:

  • Pay the previous season’s membership dues (+ late fee).
  • Pay the current season’s membership dues.
  • Continue to meet CEU requirements (6 CEUs a season). (Members who were delinquent in education when they allowed their membership to lapse may be assessed an Education Penalty during the next season’s dues renewals)

2-4 Year Membership Lapse*:

  • Pay a $200 reinstatement fee.
  • Pay the current season’s membership dues.
  • Follow the certified inactive process and earn CEUs for each year you did not pay dues:
    • 1 year: 12 CEUs
    • 2 years: 18 CEUs
    • 3 years: 24 CEUs
    • 4 years: 24 CEUs

5 Years or More Lapsed Membership:

  • Pay a $300 reinstatement fee.
  • Pay the current season’s membership dues.
    Earn 24 CEUs within two seasons. You are responsible for working with your
    primary division and getting their approval for your recertification plan. The
    processes vary by division.

*If you are going through the reinstatement process your membership card will show
certified inactive status until you meet the reinstatement process requirements and return to
certified active status.

Your original join date will be reset to your date of reinstatement.

Individuals wishing to re-join PSIA-AASI as an Alumni member must have an original join date of at least 6-years prior. Alumni members will be excused from continuing education requirements and their certifications will be inactive. View our page on Alumni Membership for the full details.

All memberships, regardless of their reinstatement date, are up for renewal in June and will expire June 30th if not renewed.

Renew Here

You will need to contact the office prior to renewing online if any of the following apply:

  • You are eligible for Student Membership
  • You are a Secondary Member in the Central Division
  • Your membership has lapsed (complete reinstatement form above)

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