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Make a Difference

Give back in support of creating greater access to snowsports !

Getting Involved

Support the PSIA-AASI Central Education Foundation to create greater access to snowsports.

Give Back in Support of your colleagues and the future of snowsports education:

Achievement of the goals of the ASEA Central Education Foundation is dependent upon the involvement of it members. Involvement can take multiple forms.


Philanthropic gifts support ASEA-CEF’s research, education, scholarship, and community program efforts. When you give, you are helping to develop innovative programs and deliver high-quality instruction to instructors in the PSIA-AASI Central Region and across the Midwest. You are also contributing to making instruction affordable and available to all members and program participants. Check out our “Making a Difference”  and Testimonials pages for stories of our impact.

Invest Time and Talent:

One way to impact the future of the organization and of snowsports education is to serve as a PSIA-AASI Central and/or Education Foundation Board Member. Elections are held annually for the various Central Board positions. However, you do not need to be a board member to get involved. We have various committees that help shape the direction of many programs. Do you prefer to work more independently? There are many ad hoc volunteer opportunities as well. Take a mental inventory of your skills and strengths, then reach out to a Board Member to  find the right opportunity for you.

For more information on becoming a board member, click right here .

Central Education Foundation Stories

How has PSIA-AASI Central helped you achieve your snowsports education goals and dreams?  How have scholarship opportunities helped you or your ski school? Please share your story so that others may benefit.  Check out the “Our Stories” page to read and share.