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Supporting the Education Foundation:

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Tribute Giving

ASEA-CEF is establishing a way for members and friends who would like to contribute to the education foundation in honor of or in memory of the recipient(s) or events of your choice. Many have contributed significantly to this organization, and we want to provide a way to recognize both the donors and those to whom they are paying tribute.

Donation FAQs and Answers

What is a tribute gift, and what is the difference between an honor gift and a memorial gift?
A tribute gift is a gift made in recognition of a person or an event. At ASEA-CEF we use the term tribute gift to refer to both honor and memorial gifts. Memorial gifts are made in remembrance of someone who has passed away. All other types of tribute gifts, such as gifts made in celebration of special events or as expressions of gratitude for PSIA-AASI Central members, are referred to as honor gifts.

In the Central Line magazine, Tributes will be listed “in honor of” or “in memory of”, the person or event, and the name of the donor. Anonymous donors shall be so noted.

To whom should donation checks be made payable?
Checks must be made payable to “ASEA – Central Education Foundation” and sent to the current PSIA-AASI Central Office. If you are making a Tribute donation, please send a completed tribute-giving form along with your check. You can also make a donation using our on-line donation form.
Why should I make a donation?
Philanthropic gifts support ASEA-CEF’s research, education, scholarship, and community program efforts. When you give, you are helping to develop innovative programs and deliver high-quality instruction to instructors in the PSIA-AASI Central Division and across the Midwest. You are also contributing to making instruction affordable and available to all members and program participants. Check out our “Making a Difference” page for stories of our impact.
Can I specify where my donation is going to go?
At this time, all Tribute and general donations go to the ASEA-CEF General Fund.