Our Mission

The purpose of the ASEA Central Education Foundation is to:

  1. Establish, develop, administer and promote educational programs for teaching snowsports as a means of public recreation
  2. Research new techniques and methodologies of teaching snowsports
  3. Develop safety programs to make snowsports safer
  4. Develop and participate in the development of snowsports programs for the handicapped and other groups requiring special attention
  5. Acquire property for these purposes by grant, gift,purchase, devise or bequest and to hold and dispose of the same within statutory limits in the fulfillment of these purposes


ASEA-CEF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations, gifts and educational fees finance the corporation.  Donations and gifts to ASEA-CEF are generally deductible as charitable contributions on your individual tax return, but make sure to seek the advice of your tax preparer.

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