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Unscheduled Event & Traveling Education Clinic Requests

Events Tailored to Your School’s Needs

Unscheduled Event Application

What is an Unscheduled Education Event?

An Unscheduled Education Event is a cost-effective alternative when attendance at a published Central event is not possible and a Member Snowsports School can meet the minimum group size of participants.

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In-House Level 1 Exam:

One option for an Unscheduled Education Event is the one-day Level 1 exam:

In-house level 1 exams (all disciplines) are reserved for those resorts with a PSIA-AASI Education Staff member on-payroll. These resorts can offer “exam only” portions (read: no coaching component) of the level I, allowing your instructors to train throughout the season, and attain their level I in a single day on snow (for less than the clinic/exam format). In-House Exams are built on a request basis

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Member School Plus Level I On-Snow Exam:

This is only open to schools that are in the Member School Plus Category:

Member School Plus membership includes a prep clinic, open to all school-affiliated instructors, designed as an L1 prep clinic. Instructors are not required to participate in the level I exam to participate in the clinic. Clinics and exams are discipline specific, minimums apply.

In-house level 1 exam with a maximum of 11 and a minimum of 5. The cost is $99/per participant. All participants must complete the entire Level I Certification Pathway in order to obtain their certification.

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Traveling Education Clinic Application

What is a Traveling Education Clinic?

Traveling Education Clinics (TEC) were designed to offer both member and nonmember ski schools quality dryland and/or on-snow training services conducted by ASEA-C education personnel at a very low cost. Participants do not have to be members of ASEA-C and education credit is not normally awarded to participant due to the informal structure. However, on occasion, ASEA-C certified members who need education credit have been authorized to participate in a Traveling Education Clinic for education credit. Members can pay the appropriate regular education event fee in addition to the Traveling Education Clinic fee that is paid by the snow sports school or other organization requesting the clinic. Special arrangements of this type must be approved by ASEA-C Office Manager in advance of the clinic. If everyone in the clinic wants to receive ASEA-C education credit, then the ski school should arrange for an ASEA-C Unscheduled Education Event. See application form for Unscheduled Education Events for more detailed information.

Traveling Education Clinics are usually five or six hours in length and held on one day, but two-day clinics or evening clinics can be arranged.

Subjects for Traveling Education Clinics can include any ski instructing subjects and clinics can be dryland, on-snow, or a combination.

The maximum group size per clinic leader is ten.

Some thoughts on organizing a TEC to get the most for your money:

  • Take some time to assess the educational needs of your ski and snowboard school.
  • Try to keep clinic group sizes to reasonable participants.
  • If you have a lot of participants run several clinic sessions for smaller groups.
  • If you choose to run several sessions think of coordinating the groups by years of experience.

What are the fees for Traveling Education Clinics?

The cost for a Traveling Education Clinic is fixed at $285/day for events less than 50 miles from the examiners home. This includes the examiner’s fee, their meals, mileage compensation, and administrative expenses. If the examiner is traveling from more than 50 miles away to less than 150 miles away, it is the hosting school’s responsibility to pay mileage at a rate of .45/mile from the examiner’s point of origin. For those resorts more than 150 miles away, or for events occurring over consecutive days, the host resort must arrange for lodging accommodations. Travel for these events (>150 miles), is subject to actual costs (e.g. Airfare), or mileage rate. The ASEA-C office requires prepayment to schedule and run TEC clinics- including fees and estimated additional expenses.

In addition, the hosting snowsports school director is expected to provide the ASEA-C clinic leader with a complimentary ski lift ticket or trail pass.

Contact Central Office by email or phone in order to pay for your TEC Clinic