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Unscheduled Event Application Details

What is an Unscheduled Education Event* (UEE)?

*Unscheduled Event requests must be made a minimum of 4 weeks before the earliest date requested.*

*All Unscheduled Events must be requested by a current PSIA-C Member School. *

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An Unscheduled Education Event is a cost-effective alternative when attendance at a published Central Division event is not possible, and a Member Snowsports School can meet the minimum group size. Because it is held at the Member Snowsports School’s area, lift ticket/trail pass, travel, lodging, and meal costs are eliminated, and the event can be scheduled at the School’s and participants’ convenience. Participants are granted continuing education credit.

Unscheduled Education Events can be dryland clinics, on-snow clinics/workshops, skiing/riding development clinics, and Level I Certification Exams in any discipline. Children’s Specialist I and Freestyle certificate events are also available. Level II and III Exams and Mock Exams may NOT be Unscheduled Events.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While every effort will be made to accommodate Unscheduled Education Event requests, UEE’s are subject to the availability of education personnel whose priority is to fulfill the staffing needs of scheduled education events.

What are the requirements for an Unscheduled Education Event?

  • Ski school must be a current Member School of the Central Division.
  • Determining the date: An unscheduled event may NOT occur within two weeks of another scheduled event within 50 miles of the UEE hosting ski area.
  • Participants: All participants must be current members of PSIA-AASI in good standing and must meet all other requirements applicable to the type of event requested. The Member School must submit a participant list at least three weeks before the requested dates (*Unless an online registration is built). This participant list must include the participant’s first name, last name, Membership id #, age, and birthday. 
  • Group Size: Minimum 5, Maximum 10 per clinic leader. **
  • Timing: UEE’s may be scheduled for any day throughout the season, excluding Holiday Weekends and Saturday mornings starting the third week of December (Typically after Dec 20th) until the last weekend of February (Typically around Feb 26th). As Unscheduled Education Events depend on education personnel’s availability, event requests that conflict with the published event schedule will not be approved. 
  • Staffing: Snowsports School Directors may request specific education personnel, subject to approval by the appropriate discipline admin.

**NOTE: If the minimum group size is not met by the event deadline and payment received, which is three weeks before the event, the Unscheduled Education Event must be canceled unless the Member Snowsports School requesting the event agrees to pay the difference.

What are the fees for an Unscheduled Education Event?

There are no additional fees for Unscheduled Education Events. The school, or the participants, pay the per person published regular registration fee for the event being offered (Regular 1-day Events $132, Regular 2-day Events $192, Level 1 Exams $198, In-House Level I Exams $144, and National team member events are $360). However, it is the responsibility of the Member Snowsports School to submit one payment for all participants * at least two weeks before the event and then collect payment/reimbursement from its instructors.

* An Online sign-up for participants may be available for those Member Schools that submit a request at least six weeks before the dates requested. Once the appropriate Administrator has confirmed the event, a link will be sent to the email listed on the request form. At that time, the Member School representative will be responsible for sending the link to those participants. Registration for the “unscheduled” event will follow our scheduled event policies; to review those, please click here. ( If the event does not meet Central’s participation minimums, the event will be canceled. Hosting Resorts may agree to pay the difference to meet the minimums. )

The Member Snowsports School is also responsible for providing lift tickets or trail passes for the PSIA-AASI Central group leader(s)/examiner(s) for the days of the event.

How to apply for an Unscheduled Education Event

The Snowsports School Director submits the online Unscheduled Education Event application as early in the fall as possible and not less than four weeks before the requested event. This application is forwarded to the appropriate Discipline Administrator, who will determine whether it is possible to provide the event and notify the office and the Snowsports School Director.

Submit Unscheduled Event Application Online