Straight Run Leapers

Novice Zone/Level 1 Functional Versatility

Activity Description:

Sliding in a straight run down the fall line, “leap” the skis off the snow, then land, re-centered in a short straight run, and repeat for the duration of the straight run.

Why This Activity Will Be Useful:

This activity begins to explore and develop pressure control skills at a fundamental level. Development of pressure control skills provides more options for skiing challenging terrain and snow condition.

What the Skis Do (EFFECT):

• Straight run with a series of “leaps”
• Skis become unweighted and leave the snow. Skis remain parallel to the snow while in air.
• Skis maintain parallel relationship with each other while in the air.
• Skis leave the snow at the same time, and land at same time.
• Skis follow fall line path

How the Body Moves (CAUSE):

• Skier continually manages fore/aft movement of body to ‘leap’ forward from a centered starting point over skis, and land in a centered stance throughout activity
• Extension movements of the knees and hips promote unweighting for a forward takeoff.
• Flexion movements of the ankles/knees/hips facilitate soft/pressure controlled landing
• Upper body remains stable during takeoff and landing with legs moving to create flexion/extension movement
• Skier glides in centered stance straight run for short time between each leap


Gentle Green terrain

Teaching/Learning Cues

• Straight run with active flexion/extension while keeping center of mass over base of support
• Increase rate and intensity of extension to partially unweight ski tails.
• Play with direction of extension so center of mass continues to move forward with skis, vs. up and back.
• Continue to explore rate and intensity of extension to get both ski tails off snow
• If tip(s) are coming off snow, be certain to keep ankles flexed while leaping (dorsiflex).
• Practice leaping so tails come off ground while tips maintain snow contact. This requires an exaggerated forward movement during leaping, and simulates leaping movements needed on steeper terrain.
• Blend previous activity so ski tails come smoothly and equally off snow. Practice leaping with whole ski off snow.
• When landing, flex joints of legs to land a quietly as possible on snow (no slapping sound)
• Practice of leaping activity in shoes, ski boots, and in place with skis to help build skill in this area

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