Board Meeting Summary – August 13-14 2016

PSIA-C Board of Directors Meeting

August 13 – 14, 2016

Executive Summary

Here is an executive summary of actions taken at the recent August meeting of the PSIA-C Board of Directors held in Grand Rapids, MI. Meeting minutes will be posted on the website once approved by the Board of Directors at their next meeting.

  1. 2016-17 Budget Review and Approval
  • Finance VP and Budget Committee Chair Bart McClure submitted the committee’s proposed budget.
  • We ended fiscal year 2015-16 with a profit of $11,104 bring our reserves to $276,636.
  • The budget for 2016-17 shows projected income at $430,640 and expenses at $426,650.
  • After discussion, the Board unanimously approved the budget as presented.


  1. National PSIA-AASI Report

Doug Carter, Central Division’s National Board rep, submitted a report.

  • The national Board has selected Nick Herrin as the association’s new chief executive officer. He began his role in July.
  • The National Board approved a budget for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017. Anticipated revenue is $3.76 million. About 56% of revenue comes from member dues.
  • A new National award has been created. Called, “3 C’s Award – Collaboration/Communication/Cooperation”. The award will be presented to deserving instructors who demonstrate positive leadership within their snowsport schools. Nomination forms are available through the National office.


  1. Old Business Voting
  • A motion passed amending Bylaws Article V, Section 2 (a) – Non-Payment, stating that when a member is in arrears with their dues and provided a formal notification they have up to 30 days to pay. If not, the member shall be considered a former member. The Former Member may return to good standing and maintain their prior certification by following the reinstatement procedures in the ASEA-C Policy and Procedures Manual.


  • A motion passed amending Policy and Procedures Manual 15.7.1 Reinstatement Eligibility :

The reinstatement process was set up to provide PSIA-AASI Central current members who are delinquent in education, Alumni members wishing to regain their certification, members who have used the waiver policy for more than four (4) continuous years, as well as former members, a path to return to active membership without loss of their prior certification level. Members with multiple discipline certifications shall note this on the Reinstatement Form and will only pay one fee and have one (1) extra season to complete the UPDATE CLINIC for every discipline in which the UPDATE CLINIC is offered. If the UPDATE CLINIC is not offered, or cancelled in a discipline, the member shall take 12 CEUs (2 days of education) of their choice, in that discipline.


  • A motion passed amending Policy and Procedures 15.8 and 15.8.1 and 15.8.2 Waiver:

           15.8 Waiver

The Waiver Process allows members to request a Waiver if they are unable to fulfill the current season education requirement for their certification. Once the Waiver is accepted the member maintains their level of certification and are considered “In Good Standing” for the following season.

15.8.1 Types of Waivers

  1. GENERAL WAIVERa seasonal Waiver which does not need explanation from the member. Fee is $50 per season and it may only be used twice. The General Waiver cannot be used in consecutive years.
  2. HARDSHIP WAIVER –a seasonal Waiver explaining the hardship(s) which do not allow the member to meet education requirements. No fee
  3. MEDICAL WAIVER – a seasonal Waiver explaining the medical reason(s) which do not allow the member to meet education requirements. A doctor’s note must be provided with the waiver application. No fee
  4. MILITARY WAIVER – a seasonal Waiver explaining the Military reason(s) which do not allow the member to meet education requirements. Proof of military duty must be provided with the waiver application. No fee

                    15.8.2 Application

Members are to submit a Waiver Request Form to the PSIA-AASI Central Office between July 1 and April 30 of the current season. Appropriate fees and documentation are to be submitted with the Waiver Request Form. The General Waiver form may be used only twice by a member. The Hardship, Medical and Military waivers may be used as needed. If Hardship, Medical and/or Military waiver is used for more than 4 continuous years the member must take a qualifying UPDATE CLINIC the first season the member is able to take an on-snow clinic.


  • A motion passed amending Policy and Procedures 16.3.1 Staff Pay:

All Education Staff shall be paid $135 per day for the following sessions: exams, mock exams, assessments (i.e. CS1 and CS2) and video analysis.

All Education Staff shall be paid $115 per day for working any other education session.


  • A motion passed amending the Adaptive Education Policy and Procedures on Adaptive Alpine Level I and II certification process:

 Candidates shall be required to have at least 10 hours of lead on-hill adaptive ski instruction experience, before taking a module exam. Each candidate shall be required to bring a written log of his or her hours to the exam.


  • A motion passed amending the Tele Education Policy and Procedures on Tele Level II and III candidate requirements:

Level II and III candidates will be required to take a written test on the second day of the exam (Currently Level II and III candidates are required to complete the Level I Workbook).


  1. New Business Voting
  • A motion passed amending Policy and procedures Appendix 1 – Event/Exam Prices:

Have registration received in the PSIA-C office by 14 days prior to the event: Regular Fee.

Have registration received in the PSIA-C office after 14 days prior to event, and by 7 days prior to event: Charge Late Registration handling Fee of $25 (non-refundable).

Event registration is closed at the end of day, 7 days prior to event. Walk-ons will only be accepted at the discretion of the Event Coordinator with an additional $25 walk-on fee to the $25 late fee.


  • A motion passed amending the Central Education Staff handbook to include the following:

The position of Adaptive Divisional Clinic Leader (DCL) shall require a minimum Adaptive Level 2 and Level 2 certification in any additional discipline. This position shall be hired to lead clinics at educational events but not exams. All Adaptive DCL’s shall provide a portfolio of clinic outlines on an annual basis. Each clinic outline shall include, but not limited to: goals, objectives, safety considerations, clinic tasks and any presentation material used in the clinic.

The position of Adaptive Examiner Training Squad (ETS) shall require Adaptive Level 3 certification. This position shall be hired to shadow an examiner with the intent of learning how to perform an adaptive exam. The Adaptive ETS may score an evaluation but an examiner must be present for both the exam and evaluation.


  • A motion passed to purchase 4,000 zipper pulls recognizing the Central Division’s 60th The Marketing Committee was asked to work out a distribution method.


  1. Other Discussion Items
  • The Board reviewed a proposal from a vendor to develop a series of E-Leaning modules. A Task Force was created to determine direction of the Division in regards to E-Leaning possibilities.
  • The Board was briefed on a project proposal to develop three two hour webinars (MODDS) in which participants Movement Analysis skills may be created, developed and advanced.
  • The Board decided that two in person meetings are needed. A three year schedule of the in person meetings will be developed.
  • A proposal dealing with pay for education administrators was discussed. The Finance and Education Committees will study the idea and report back to the Board at their next meeting.


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